How long have you been styling hair in the Delray Beach area?

I came to Boca Raton in 1979 and opened a Hair Salon with my brother. Back then, there were only beauty parlors down here and maybe a few salons. He and I filled an empty niche, by opening our own Salon with the skills and knowledge that we learned in Manhattan. In 1997 I brought my business up to Atlantic Avenue and set up shop there and I have been in Delray Beach styling and coloring hair ever since.

Where did you learn the art of hair styling?

First of all, it’s in my blood, so I couldn’t escape it even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I come from three generations of hair stylists and because of that, the first job I ever had (and all those that proceeded) were in the hair salon industry. In 1972, I got my start at the Vidal Sasson Hair Salon in Manhattan and worked there for two years. During those first years I wasn’t even allowed to look at a pair of shears, let alone cut hair. I watched and listened and had to come up through the ropes. The tutelage of the Sasson Salon was invaluable, in teaching me from the very beginning the fundamental skills and knowledge of hair style.

What special client services do you provide?

The major service is having a one-on-one with my client. They have me from the second they sit down in my chair until the time they leave the Salon. I want to know from them, before I touch a hair on their head, how they want to feel. My favorite service that I provide is a total design. What I mean by that is taking my client from color, to cut and finishing with style. So many times, I’ve been in Salons and the client has one operator doing their color and another one doing their cut and style. That’s assembly line and I’m not into that.

Which is correct (or which do you prefer): Hair Stylist? Barber? Hair Cutter? Hair Colorist? Or something else?

I actually think the term Hair Artistry is more appropriate. As an artist, I want to create a relationship with my clients that’s based on trust, longevity, support, availability and value. I pride myself in bringing out the best in my client and knowing that they’re going to leave with an end result that matches what they wanted when they sat down in my chair at the beginning of our One-on-One. I also educate my clients on how to style their own hair and in the proper use of the Hair Care Products best suited for them, so that they will look great even after leaving the Salon.

What about the South Florida lifestyle and hair?

People in South Florida are active and sports orientated and for the majority of the year, this is a hot and humid locale, which results in more frequent showering and shampooing. Your hairstyle needs to reflect that, by looking good and being functional. No one wants to hear this, but humidity is your friend and not your enemy, whether you like it or not. Especially, for those people with curly hair. For the most part curly hair is misunderstood and most stylists want to take the bulk out, not realizing that it needs the bulk. The hair care product must replace the blow dryer and brush, if curly hair and humidity are going to co-exist beautifully together.

Who is your biggest influence when it comes to Hair Artistry?

Without a doubt it is Patti Bernard, the owner of Street Gypsy in Nashville. We go all the way back to 1997, when we first met during a workshop at a Salon I previously had on Atlantic Avenue. Patti is the instrumental force in building my foundation in hair color, due to her expert knowledge in the chemical service. Very few people in our industry want to share their skills and expertise, because it is so competitive. From the onset Patti and I connected on a professional level and since that time she has blessed me and others with her proficiency in coloring techniques. Several times throughout the year I travel to her Salon Street Gypsy in Nashville to hone my Color Artistry skills and I am truly indebted to the invaluable schooling I receive through Patti.

Why should I want to come to Casa di Menotti and not a Salon with more name recognition?

Not only is my Salon in the heart of Delray Beach, I live in Delray Beach, too. When you come into my Salon you are walking into an extension of my home. Aside from having your hair needs met, it’s a place to relax, breathe, feel safe and be nurtured. It really is all about you when you’re here and it’s about me being allowed to bring out the best in you. When you come in for an appointment at Casa di Menotti, you get Menotti.