Casa Di Menotti comments on the Hottest Hair Trend of 2013

What do you peeps think of this new pixie cut trend? It’s being done by the top celebrities from Beyonce to Miley Cyrus. I must say it’s a daring decision but after browsing through this gallery I can say that these women look gorgeous with their short style. You can sculpt it into an edgy look like Charlize Theron or keep it feminine and classic like Michelle Williams. Overall, It really brings out the beauties in a woman’s face, making her subtle features pop. While it may not be for everyone, it is certainly a hairstyle to consider.

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I had a client last week with shoulder length curly hair come in and take the pixie cut plunge. She had no inhibitions about it being to short or masculine. I was amazed by how the short hair accentuated her natural beauty, bringing out her stunning smile.

Take a look at the pictures from her pixie cut transformation here.

Curly Hair-Perils, Pitfalls and Joys

I came across this brilliant post “Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand” on the other day that made me laugh out loud. All my wavy, curly, tight and kinky (not that type of kinky!) hair peeps can relate for sure. Take a look when you have a sec and start the weekend with a smile on your face.

How Cute Is Kate?

I admit it. I’m a sucker for the British Royal Family just like the next person. I know, I know…don’t let my macho exterior fool you. Let me tell you, when Kate Middleton walked down the Lindo Wing steps in London, holding the future King of England (disguised as a precious baby boy) she took my breath away. Being one of five children, I have first hand knowledge on what’s it like on our exhausted Mothers after childbirth and their hair isn’t usually high on the priority list. Granted the majority of women aren’t royalty nor do they have a personal Hair Stylist on call, but I have never seen anyone resemble a Disney Princess after giving birth.

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My Background

my casa is your casa

Hair styling is in my roots

Dealing with hair is a part of everyone’s life. In my case, it’s also my life’s work. I come from three generations of hair stylists, so you could say hair styling is in my roots (pun intended). I got my start in 1972 at the Vidal Sassoon Hair Salon in Manhattan, and worked there for two years before I was allowed to even touch a pair of shears, let alone cut hair. However, the experience was incredible and taught me the fundamental skills and knowledge of hair style.

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