Hair Workshop with Gordon Nelson at Visions Salon

Nelson Gordon at Visions Salon's workshop

This week I attended a scissor/razor workshop at Visions Salon in Wellington Florida and even after 40 years of doing hair I am still amazed at every workshop I attend. There is always one investment that will never let you down and that is the investment in self. Not only was I receptive to the hair cutting techniques shown at the workshop, but I also walked away with the reminder of how important it is to be humble in any industry.  There will be times when you are asked to teach and there will be times to be the student and you should allow yourself to experience both.

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Menotti’s Book Shout Out: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Today I would like to talk about one of my favorite books The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. This book may seem short and simple but it is loaded with depth that can be read over and over again.  This book imparts to the reader advice on how to live in the moment and gives suggestions on how to approach daily spiritual living.

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Casa di Menotti website by Responsive WordPress Websites

From the first meeting with Chris and Kim from Responsive WordPress Websites, I felt that they genuinely had my highest interest in mind. Conversely, the first web designer I had chosen was half the price but not even a comparison in terms of quality. All I was receiving was a glorified brochure with a generic look, not a website.

After this first encounter with a web designer I was apprehensive, but Kim and Chris explained to me the way the internet worked and gave me an education in all of the various aspects of maintaining a website. This enabled me to make informed decisions. They held my hand through the entire process or as they would like to put it “taking baby steps”.  Their comprehensive interview helped me focus my intentions on what I wanted to create with my website and helped me formulate goals that would expand my business.

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Woody Allen on hairstyle and leading ladies natural beauty

I’ve always enjoyed Woody Allen movies and he’s got a new one that just came out, Blue Jasmine. I’ve read a couple of reviews and dig the “Pride stays, even after the fall” premise.

There’s a really cool post in that sings the praises of Woody having his leading ladies just letting their own natural beauty shine through on the big screen and mentions how that’s done via their hairstyles and haircuts. It’s worth a read if you’re a Woody Allen fan or checking out his new movie when out and about in Palm Beach County this weekend.

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